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Lenten Devotional 2021 - Day Eleven

SPECIAL NOTE: Let Us continue in our practice of immersing our whole selves in the text for the week. Once again, we have chosen a selection from Israel’s hymnal, Psalm 27. If you have ever found yourself in need of encouragement in crisis… encouragement in a time of trial, I trust that the word of the Lord will speak to you… sing to you as you internalize each line. So, read it, recite it, meditate on it, or set it to a melody if you feel so inclined. And, as you do so, allow the Lord to stir in you the strength that will enable you to thrive.

The “Is-ness” of the Lord

The Lord is my light… our light; the one who illuminates our way, the one who is the light, life, breath, and spirit who enlivens each human soul.

The Lord is my salvation… our salvation; the one who is both Deliverance and Deliverer of our present and eternal being.

The Lord is the stronghold of my life… our lives. The Lord is the mighty one who surrounds us, and strengthens our spirit enabling us to stand and withstand the onslaught of any force or foe that would dare to come against God’s own. It is because the Lord is and because of who the Lord is in us, that we are.

As I sat to read and meditate on Psalm 27, I was unable to move beyond this single verse. I was halted… arrested by the words light, salvation, and stronghold. Like Jacob with the angel, my wrestling was necessary to recognize God’s presence in the midst. You see, much in the same way that we find comfort in declaring “Jehovah Shalom”, “God Is Peace” or assurance in proclaiming “Jehovah Jireh”, “The Lord my Provider,” Let Us draw strength, courage, confidence, and encouragement from every word that proceeds from the word of the Lord.

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