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Lenten Devotional 2021 - Day Thirteen

Sight Setting

Psalm 27:4-5 speaks to the clarity and sense of peace we can experience when we practice sight setting. Unlike sight-seeing where persons venture out of doors and travel about town visiting and viewing multiple places of interest, sight-setting is for those who are singularly focused. Sight setting is a practice familiar to marksmen wherein the person adjusts the lens in the scope of their weapon to squarely hit the target, on which their focus is set, at its center, thus hitting the mark. In our text, the psalmist has one thing on his mind… one thing on which his focus is fixed. It is this one thing for which he prays, after which he seeks, and upon which he longs to look; his sight is set on the Lord.

Let Us survey our lives, our respective faith journeys each asking ourselves these questions:

“On what is my focus frequently most often set?”

“Is the will and way of the Lord set squarely in my sight?”

“Have I set my sights on the things of God, or am I still sight-seeing?

Throughout the balance of our Lenten journey… our life’s journey, he Let Us seek the Lord, and set the will of God, the desires of God squarely in our sight.

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