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Lenten Devotional 2021 - Day Twenty-Six


To what would you compare the law of the Lord? Would you compare God’s commandments to the legal codes of a nation or small city? Would you compare God’s statutes to scientific laws, or hold up mathematical theorems to the Lord’s precepts? I imagine few of us would, for the awesomeness of the Lord, the works of God, will always eclipse our own; the Creator will forever be greater than the created. It is with this awareness, this sense of awe that David writes, shifting his focus from the cosmic, celestial beauties of the sky to common, terrestrial treasures of the earth. And, despite how great all these things may be, none can compare to the wonders of God’s law.

Meditating on this week’s psalm, I am taken by the beauty of God’s world, and what is more, by the beauty of God’s word. Sweeter than honey, richer than gold, it is the word of God that sustains us, supports us. The more we commit ourselves, submit ourselves to God’s guidance the sweeter our lives become, and the greater the reward will be.

Let Us do all that we can to eliminate the distractions, the busyness that prevents us from seeing God’s beauty in the extraordinary and the ordinary events of life. Let Us endeavor to live simply, love deeply, and hold fast to God’s law of love.

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