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Devotional 2021 - Day Forty


Blessed morning, One and All. Today is Holy Saturday, the fortieth and final day of the Lenten season. Yet, while this season draws to a close, our life’s journey does not. We are yet charged with staying the course… remaining diligent and vigilant in living-out our faith. The word from the psalmist to the hearers in his time, like the word of Christ Jesus to his disciples in his day, are essentially one and the same. Their words still echo to us; they still counsel and call to us in the present, saying “Wait for the Lord… [Wait for me], and keep his way… [keep my ways]”.

If our waiting amounts to many days, like those spanning a lifetime, we still must wait. Or, if our waiting consists of days that are relatively few, like the span between the crucifixion and the resurrection, we still must wait. We must wait in a way that evidences we know who we are and whose we are. We must wait in a way that offers an example to on-lookers of what faithful living looks like. We must wait in a way that honors God and is an expression of our appreciation for our salvation and the holy heritage the Lord has secured for us.

As we conclude our Lenten journey, Let Us not leave behind the lessons we have gained. Let Us continue to immerse ourselves in the word. Let Us witness to who God is through our worship. And, for the rest of our days, Let Us glorify the Lord with our lives.

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