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Devotional 2021 - Day Thirty-Eight


Blessed Thursday, Maundy Thursday, to you. This is a holy day on the Christian calendar marking a pivotal time in Passion Week and several significant steps in Jesus’ journey to the cross. Scripture records in Matthew 26, that on this day, Jesus gives his disciples one of his greatest commands, to love one another. Further, Jesus washes the feet of his disciples, foretells of his pending betrayal, institutes the Lord’s supper, and is turned over into the hands of his enemies by one of his own. Still, amidst all this, Jesus conveys a message of hope. Jesus tells his disciples that, despite the events that will shortly transpire and result in his death, he would soon return; rising again.

In a similar vein, today’s text conveys a message of hope. And, like Matthew 26, it could take some effort for hearers to embrace the hope presented herein. My recommendation is to apply the same technique suggested on Tuesday. Try rereading today's Bible text, focusing on the Lord’s "To Do List," or in this case, focusing on the behaviors that please God. Then, use them as the directional signs and mile markers for determining to what extent we are moving in the right direction. Finally, if you recognize that your thoughts, actions, and life choices have you heading in a direction that is contrary to the will of God, then you are precisely where change is possible. So, turn around. Take the U-Turn. Repent, pray to God asking for forgiveness, and invite the Lord to guide you for the rest of your life. And, know this, the Lord desires this for you. God’s heart-desire is for everyone to experience the hope and blessed future the Lord purposed for each of us before the foundations of the earth were established. So, again, take the U-Turn.

Let Us look at our lives in light of the word of God. Let Us do our best to make sure our map… our plans are aligned with the plans the Lord has for us. And, if we see that our way deviates from God’s way; Let Us take the U-Turn.

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