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Devotional 2021 - Day Thirty-Seven


Blessed Wednesday to you, One and All. In reading and replaying today’s text, a host of scriptures, songs, and words of encouragement for the faithful flooded my mind. There were so many in fact, I hardly knew where to begin. Then, it finally dawned on me; my mission for today and the message I am called to share, is a word of warning to the wicked; the dirty dealers of this world. Beware of how you treat people. Be careful in what you do with the intent of bringing others down. For everything you put out into the world is destined to come back at you like a boomerang.

For those who do not know or who have forgotten, a boomerang is a weapon or hunting device created and used by the Aboriginal or native peoples of Australia. Shaped like a wide-open V with rounded corners; this design allows for the weapon (hunting tool), when properly thrown, to fly out, strike, and bring down its target. Yet, when the target is missed, the boomerang flies back in the direction of the thrower who, if they are not careful, may be struck with the very same weapon they threw out moments ago. The lesson: be careful with what you throw out (i.e., put out, or do) with the intent of bringing others down. Know that everything… all of it, whether bad or good, is destined to come back to you with the same force, intent, and intensity with which you put it out.

Let Us be careful in our treatment of others. Let Us not put on others or do to others anything we, ourselves, would not want to bear. Let Us be warned, that everything we put out into the world, whether with evil intent or good, is destined to come back to us: just like a boomerang.

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