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Devotional 2022 ● Day Sixteen

Today we conclude our meditation on Psalm 37. You are encouraged to pause here, and reread Psalm 37 in its entirety before proceeding with the balance of this devotional message.

God’s instruction, God’s counsel is simple and clear. For in the end, the righteous shall be saved and the unrighteous, wicked, evildoers, and doers of wrong, lost. There is the promise of vindication for the upright, and destruction for the transgressors. Let Us, therefore, look at life broadly… look at life with a wide-angle lens. Remember that the unbridled pursuit of the pleasures and riches of this life can blind us to what is right. They can place us in jeopardy of losing out on the eternal blessings and riches that can only be realized through living a righteous life in God.

So Let Us, remember that there is a future for the people of God... a blessed future created for the Lord's righteous. For the righteous are those who have chosen to make the Lord their stronghold in times of trouble, and their dwelling place in times of peace. For the Lord is the help of the righteous… the One who delivers his children from the wicked... the God in whom his children always take refuge.

Let Us Pray

Lord God, we thank you, for you are our righteousness. You are the God that saves, blesses, and delivers. We are ever-grateful for your abundant love… ever-grateful for your abiding presence. Lord, we pray that as we journey through the balance of this weekend… as we prayerfully are blessed to see another day, that we will always find ourselves abiding in you.

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