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Devotional 2022 ● Day Twenty-One

Simply Sublime

I hope that I never rush through another passage of scripture. I pray that I will never again take for granted… never again assume that I have grasped the fullness of God’s word. As I was in awe on yesterday, considering the vastness of the heavens… the earth, sun, moon, stars, and innumerable galaxies, I am likewise taken… similarly silenced as I consider water. Water: H2O… its chemical make-up two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, is essential. It is an essential for creating life, sustaining life. It is a key element in humans and in the earth, for neither body could survive without water.

As I continue meditating on Isaiah 55 (emphasis on vss. 10-11), I am struck by the intentionality of God expressed in the Lord’s plan, path, and purpose for the rains and snow. First, verse 10: were it not for God sending the rain and snow, earth would be barren… devoid of life as we know it. Were it not for God sending the waters, there would be no seed for sowing… no budding, no growth, no flourishing, no harvest, neither bread nor food; there would be no life. Now, verse 11: as it is with the water, so it is with the word: for God granted each an established course… a defined purpose to be accomplished in accordance with God’s desire.

Dear family, as we are called and sent forth by the Lord, Let Us be like the waters and the word described in our text. Let Us be faithful so that we would accomplish all that the Lord desires, thus achieving the purpose for which we were sent.

Let Us Pray

Lord God, I pray that I will be ever-attentive to your word, your voice, your abiding presence you make known through your everyday miracles, and daily graces… through your consistent giving of new mercies which you pour out on us morning-by-morning. Lord God, thank you for the water, and thank you for your word.

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