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Lenten Devotional 2021 - Day Eight

King David’s Heart Song

The words of King David in Psalm 51 have inspired and been expressed by numerous lyricists and recording artist throughout the years. Among my favorites by gospel artists are The Winans with ‘Uphold Me’, Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ singing ‘Give Me a Clean Heart’, and Donnie McClurkin’s ‘Create in Me a Clean Heart’. Far more than seeing these verses as good material to which to set music, these verses… these words convey a widely shared sentiment held by most anyone who has not lived up to the better part of their humanity… most anyone who acknowledges or fears that they have injured the heart of God through deeds done or acts of compassion withheld. For at the root of every wrong birthed in contempt, malice, or indifference, is a muddied, soiled heart.

Family of God, Let Us sing a new song. Let Us compose and sing our heart’s song unto the Lord. Today, inspired by Psalm 51, with this new word “imperfectus” and language (Latin) which the Lord has introduced to me, I write, I sing, I pray…

“Ego imperfectus!” I am imperfect!

“Cor meum imperfectus!” My heart is imperfect!

“Deus, vre cor meum!” God, cleanse my heart!

“Deus, vre cor meum!” God, cleanse my heart!

I ask you, “What, today, is your heart’s song? Whatever it may be, Let Us each write it, sing it, and pray it. Let Us humbly render it unto the Lord.

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