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Devotional 2022 ● Day Twenty-Seven


Oh, what a difference a day makes! What a blessing it is to go from being bound to walking free… from being blinded by life’s cares and pressures, to receiving God’s gifts of insight and peace. I imagine this is how Asaph felt anytime he thought about how the Lord delivered him from the anger and envy that weighed heavily on his soul. Reflecting on his God-encounter in the sanctuary, he recognized the personal danger we face whenever we give way to envy and other angry thoughts.

Today’s text, Psalm 73:21-26, offers another lesson, another takeaway on the avoidance of envy: If we want to keep our minds and hearts clear of evil, we need to fill them with good. In this psalm Asaph shares what he has come to know about God through his personal encounter. He not only rehearses (aka… “re-hears,” re-views) what God has done, but at some level he relives it in his mind. He reminds himself that God is ever-present. The Lord holds his hand guiding him, counseling him along the way.

Let Us take the time to remember, to rehearse the goodness of God in our lives. Let Us be intention about remembering all that the Lord has done and holding on to God’s unchanging hand.

Let Us Pray

Great is thy faithfulness, Lord God! Great is your goodness toward all your people! Thank you for being immutable… unchanging. Thank you for being everywhere and always present to us. May we continue to hold on to your unchanging hand.

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