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Devotional 2022 ● Day Twenty-Three

Envy’s Slippery Slope

There are many things in life… abilities and blessings we possess, that the average person takes for granted. And, as people of faith, people who embrace a belief in God… a hope and confidence in God, we too can take some things for granted. For Christians, after accepting Christ as Lord and Savior… after being baptized… after talking the talk and walking the walk over “x” number of years, we can take for granted that our faith is unshakable, and our footing is firm. We can assume that because our stride is strong, and our walk has been good, that we will forever maintain a firm footing. We take for granted that walking in faith… that walking out our faith will always be easy. That is until we catch sight of someone walking a different walk. Not only are they carefree about where they step, but they are callous toward others and careless about those upon whom they step. We may find ourselves hating how they do what they do but desiring, coveting, and ultimately envying what they have. How is it possible to be on the level, sure ground of our faith in one moment and on the slippery slope of envy in the next? The truth is that slipping most often occurs when we fail to watch our own walk.

Asaph, Psalm 73’s writer, shares how he ended up on envies slippery slope despite acknowledging God’s goodness to the pure in heart (vs. 1). He nearly slips… almost loses his footing, not because of a quick glance, but a lengthy look. This prolonged look resulting in a shift in his focus. Please note, Asaph was not enamored with the wicked’s walk. It was their prosperity, wealth, health, and the benefits they enjoyed despite their wickedness, which caused Asaph to envy… that cause him to nearly slip and fall. Let Us not allow ourselves to be distracted by the pretty, shiny things of life, and lose sight of how they were acquired.

Let Us Pray

Lord God, you mean more than life itself. You are eternally worth seeking… worth pursuing… worth loving and desiring above anyone or anything else. For you are not only the source of all, but you are the God who is the All in ALL. Lord God, we pray that you will help us to maintain our focus on the way in which you would have us walk. Help us not to lust after pretty, shiny things, but to always desire your goodness and desire your glory.

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