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Devotional 2022 ● Day Thirty-One

Blessed to be Known

It is a blessing to be known of God… to be known by God. It is a gift that fosters a profound sense of peace in the hearts and minds of those who embrace the idea… embrace the opportunity of being and growing in relationship with God. While there are those whose souls are disquieted by the notion that God sees, hears, and knows everything about us… knows our very thoughts, as though the world is under surveillance. You know! Like God is Big Brother watching us. Still, there are countless others who are grateful… who whole-heartedly embrace and welcome God’s eternal oversight.

From the Psalmist’s perspective, only a fool would think that the very one who created them… the very one who created all that is and has ever existed, is somehow unaware of their own creation. What basis is there for such a belief?! For if it were possible to escape God’s oversight… God’s knowledge, this would mean that God is no god at all! This would mean that all are vulnerable… all are already exposed and abandoned. It would mean that all are lost. Yet, for those who belong to God and live in relationship with God, we have a clear basis for our belief founded on God and God’s word. We hold to this truth… hold to the witness of God expressed through the Lord’s word. For God through his word affirms that humankind is created in God’s image and likeness. Furthermore, we live our lives by the permission and purpose of God. We walk under the authority of God as God’s representatives, for God is the All in all. God is the All-seeing, the All-knowing, and the Always present Lover of our Souls. We are blessed and not abandoned, for the Lord instructs and guides his own. We are blessed not merely because we are God’s creation, but because we are loved… we are known by God.

Let Us Pray

Lord God, we thank you for calling us into being. We thank you for creating us to be like you in the world. Lord, we are grateful that our sins, our short comings do not prevent you from loving us, correcting us, and working in us. Lord God, we open our hearts to you that you will forever be our guide and our God.

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