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Devotional 2022 ● Day Thirty-Two

A Blessed Heritage

As we continue to meditate on Psalm 94 and hold in our hearts the tremendous blessing it is to be known by God, I wonder what words resonate with you the most. As I repeatedly turned over verses 12-15 in my mind, a single word stood out: heritage. As I sought a definition for “heritage,” none of the current meanings quite fit. Their emphasis was on material things. In looking further, however, I found a definition that though archaic, was more appropriate. Heritage: a special or individual possession; an allotted portion. Did you know that we, as the children of God, are God’s possession?! We are the Lord’s people… God’s heritage! We are that which the Lord selected… God’s apportionment. Deuteronomy 32:8-9 underscores this truth (The Message translation):

When the High God gave the nations their stake,

gave them their place on Earth,

He put each of the peoples within boundaries

under the care of divine guardians.

But God himself took charge of his people,

took Jacob on as his personal concern.

In other words, the world… the heavens and the earth already belonged to the Lord. But God, chose to allot for himself a portion of that which bore God’s image: the people, that which is most precious to God. God gave to himself humankind. Therefore, we are God’s portion… God’s heritage. We are a blessed heritage.

Let Us Pray

Lord God, thank you for counting us worthy to bear your image. Thank you for choosing us… selecting us to be your portion. Help us Lord God to reflect you… reflect love, light, goodness, and righteousness in the world, as an expression of who we are in you.

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