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Devotional 2022 ● Day Twenty-Eight

The Heart of the Matter

I, like you, have spent this week meditating on Psalm 73. We explored various aspects of the psalm, either in part or in whole. We have meditated on portions of the text as presented, highlighted from day to day. On this final day, it is important to zero in on the core, the essentials. Let Us target the truths on which we ought to focus, those we ought to take with us as we journey forward:

Know that the promises of God are sure, they are certain. God is good to those whose hearts are pure toward the Lord, the Lord’s people, and the goals that have been set forth in God’s redemptive plan.

Know that neither wrongdoing, wickedness, evil nor those who practice such, have any place in the Lord’s redemptive plan. Therefore, the upright… those earnestly seeking to faithfully honor and live out the will of God, should never envy evildoers nor what they possess.

Know that whether we choose good or ill, each of us has an eternal destiny that we will face, for the evil, there is eternal damnation, and for the good, there is eternal life.

Therefore, Let Us draw near to God. Let Us make the Sovereign Lord our permanent dwelling place and take refuge in him. And always, particularly in times of confusion, struggle, or discontent, Let Us testify of God’s goodness… reminding ourselves and revealing to others the great things the Lord has done.

Let Us Pray

Great is thy faithfulness, O God who is our Father and Mother… our Savior, Helper, and Friend. We thank you for revealing yourself… revealing your truths… revealing your promises for those who walk in faithfulness to you. May your will forever be done, and may all glory forever be yours.

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