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Lenten Devotional 2021 - Day Twenty-Four


Blessed Tuesday morning to you! I hope that you were able to enjoy a time of sweet rest on yesterday, and I pray that you afford yourself time today to enter that space once again.

This morning as I rose and read again Psalm 19, my heart was yet filled with the verses, the revolving images of sunrise and sunset… bright morning and deep night that cradled my soul on yesterday. Today that unfolding continues with the sun adorned in orange, then yellow, proceeding across the heavens as David put it, “like a bridegroom leaving his chamber… like a strong man, runs its course….” I believe these verses taken together ought to remind us… invite us to rest and abide under the Almighty… to take comfort in the assurance that just as the Lord has established the course of the sun, moon, and stars; our God has established the course, the way that all those that belong to the Lord are to take.

Let Us remember that God is the Author, the Creator, and the Giver of every good and perfect gift. Every sunrise, sunset, and every moment under heaven has been granted us… gifted to us by the Almighty. Let Us remember each day to breathe, to selah, and to find our place of rest in the presence of the Lord.

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