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Lenten Devotional 2022 ● Day Five

God’s Answer to Zion’s Call (Part 2)

As we learned of God’s heart for Zion in Joel 2:18-20, we gain a deeper understanding, greater appreciation for the lengths to which the Lord will go for those God loves as we continue reading.

Yes, the Lord is a promise-keeper, the God who keeps his word. But still greater, the Lord is a covenant-keeper. In reading vss. 21-24 what is noteworthy is how God speaks comfort to his creation. “Be not afraid, O land… O wild animals,” the Lord speaks peace to the land and creatures of Zion while renewing and restoring life and vitality to both. God encourages the people he has chosen saying, “Be glad, O people of Zion rejoice in the Lord your God…” The Lord speaks peace and comfort to the people of Zion while, at the same time, bestowing blessings upon them. What this conveys is that all they are experiencing is not a twist of fate or mere change of fortune, but the outpouring of God’s intentional grace and faithful love. Even as the Lord sends the rains, the Lord does so mindfully, measuring out the right amount needed so as to refresh, replenish, and quench the thirst of the land, animals, and people, rather than overwhelming them as in the day of the great flood.

Let Us hold to the Lord, trusting in God’s unfailing love. Know that God is more than a promise-keeper, but that God is a covenant-keeper; for the word of the Lord will never comeback void or empty. God watches over his word to perform it… to manifest good things, God’s best in our lives.

Let Us Pray

Lord God, thank you for being the God of truth and promise. Thank you for being both promise-keeper and the God who is the keeper of your covenant with us, your people called Zion. May we not merely be the beneficiaries of your faithfulness toward us, but may we grow to be a people that keeps covenant with You.

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