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Lenten Devotional 2022 ● Day Four

God’s Answer to Zion’s Call

Joel 2:15-17 revealed what Zion’s answer to the Lord ought to be if they earnestly believed they were God’s people. Simply put, when you recognize you’ve been living life headed in the wrong direction, the wise thing to do is turnaround. This was the prophet Joel’s message to Zion, “It’s time for a turnaround.” Gather and get back to living before God the way you ought… the way you were taught, and who knows if the Lord will relent from the plan to further punish Zion, both place and people.

Here in Joel 2:18-20, both we and Zion get to hear the response… the kind of answer the Lord God of mercy greatly desires to give to his own because of the Lord’s jealousy, (aka, God’s Love) for Zion. Because of God’s love for the people and the place called Zion, God desires to restore them, reconcile them to himself and restore the land to its intended glory. Because of God’s love for the people and the recognition of the pain loss has produced, the Lord desires to restore to them the produce of the land, (i.e., grain, wine, and oil) as well as the protection from the Lord they once knew.

What is it that you lack… what is it that you’ve lost through walking away, drifting away from the relationship with the Lord that God eternally desires? Where, in your life and relationship, is there a need for a turnaround? Whatever and wherever this may be, know that the Lord your God remains ever ready to receive you unto himself.

Let Us Pray

NOTE:As you pray to the Lord on today, submit yourself and receive the restoration God desires to give. Embrace God’s plan for you and promises concerning you.And, once again, conclude your prayer with the ASH WEDNESDAY 2022 PRAYER/CONFESSION found on our website at

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