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Lenten Devotional 2022 ● Day Fourteen

As I sat reading and rehearsing Psalm 37:30-34 … ‘RE-HEAR-SING’ today’s text, I was drawn to verses 30-32. For, in just a few lines, they capture what is the crux of the story… the focus and flow of the entire psalm. Verses 30-31 portray a view of the righteous, while verse 32 depicts the unrighteous or wicked. In comparing these images, considering the persons each represents, in their mature, full-grown state, I could not escape the probability that in their infancy… in their early formative years, they may have been very much alike. Yet, in their life’s journey, there were choices presented and decisions made… some steps, twists, turns, and positions taken, which together prompt one person to see himself/herself in a particular light and prompts another to believe their light and their fate is casted in another.

Continuing to muse, rehearse, and allow the words of the psalm to take shape into images, a parallel to the would-be backstory of THE LION KING began to emerge. Many of us are familiar with the adult brothers; Mufasa and Taka, or (Scar as he is called) and the sibling rivalry that drove the storyline of the 1994 animated film. We saw who each had become. If they were auditioning for a role in the psalmist’s story, Mufasa would represent the righteous with wisdom and justice flowing from his mouth, while Scar (‘aka’ Taka) would clearly be cast as the wicked, as his only desire in the film was to usurp his brother’s place and takeover the kingdom.

While many things may appear to be preset… the paths of our lives predetermined, know that God does not relegate us to the role of a villain nor a victor. God presents the script and invites us to choose the role we will play.

Let Us Pray

Gracious God, you know everything from the beginning. You know the desires of your heart concerning us. Help us to embrace the role of the righteous in the story of our lives and may we each hold in our hearts the desire to be cast in your light.

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