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Devotional 2021 - Day Thirty-Five

Blessed and Holy Monday morning to you. For the Christian faith community, yesterday was Palm Sunday, the day that marks the beginning of Holy Week or Passion Week. It also marked the start of the seventh and final week in our 2021 Lenten journey. I pray that this time has been a blessing, has been fruitful for you. I pray that you have enjoyed time with the Lord and in the word of God that has truly strengthened your soul and will continue to produce fruit throughout your faith journey.


These last several weeks have proven to be a blessing for me. I pray the same holds true for you. For the first time, in a long time, I have experienced a level of peace, sustained peace that, perhaps, I have never experienced before. This time of deep, consistent emersion in and reflection on the word of God has been a calming influence, the effects of which have enabled me to experience rest within myself despite what might be going on around me. In short, because of the peace within, I have been doing far less fretting and far more faithing.

Faithing is a term that has recently come into vogue that refers to putting ones everything in God. That is to put your hopes and dreams; your cares and concerns; your everything in God’s hands. In so doing, nothing is left to chance… nothing is left to the whims of the world or people with ill intent; but everything depends on God.

Let Us find rest, take our rest in the Lord. Let Us practice faithing it and experience the peace that is possible as we live a fret free life of faith in the Lord.

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