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Devotional 2021 - Day Thirty-Six


Blessed Holy Tuesday Friends and Fam. Yesterday I shared a bit on "Faithing ". Today, I am led to talk about "Focusing". Did you know that wherever we set our sights, fix our focus has major implications for how successful we will be at hitting our target or reaching our goals? This is true both physically and figuratively. Physically, the placement of our eyes, set in the front of our face, enables us to maintain visual focus on a single object with both eyes. In reality, each of our eyes captures a slightly different view of what is before us. You can test this by looking at an object and alternating between closing one eye and opening the other. Notice how your view shifts ever so slightly from left to right? Binocular vision: the ability for each eye to focus on an object then jointly create a single visual image while also perceiving details such as depth, distance, and a range of other factors, is nothing short of amazing. We are able to hone in on whatever is our primary focus with greater clarity, while blurring secondary elements within our field of vision.

Can you imagine how different our lives would be if we would use our special, God-given binocular vision as we look at our lives? What would happen if we set our sights on those things that God is calling for us to do, demonstrate, and live-out, as opposed to looking at the lives of other folks and becoming frustrated because of what we see? What if we turned our attention, fixed our focus on learning and living-up to the expectations the Lord holds up for us in the word? Try rereading today's Bible text, focusing on and reading allowed the Lord’s "To Do List," and mentally blurring and muting the "List of Fret Nots". Then, get busy on doing the “To Do’s,”… what God has said, knowing that these are the things that please the Lord… this is the kind of living God has and will continue to bless.

Let Us stop giving our time, attention, and emotional energy to those things that frustrate us... those things that cause us to fret. Let Us turn our attention and affections; fix our focus on doing what pleases God... on being and becoming more faithful… on living a fret free life!

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