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Lenten Devotional 2021 - Day Four

Answering the Call for Fasting? (Part 4)

The remaining verses of Isaiah 58 continue in the same vein and spirit as our focal verses from yesterday. Collectively the chapter underscores how the Lord expects us to answer God’s call for fasting. I pray that you have and will continue to revisit this chapter and commit it to your heart’s memory.

As we journey in this season, whether we turn down our plates or not, Let Us surrender our hearts, heads, hands, and all we have to the will and work of God. Let Us be available… intentional about destroying the bonds of wickedness, freeing the oppressed, and breaking every yoke. Let Us share our bread with the hungry, provide lodging for the homeless, and covering for the naked. Let Us continually seek to answer the call of the Lord.

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