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Lenten Devotional 2021 - Day Fourteen

The Set-Up

From sight setting to being set-up: In today’s focal verse, King David acknowledges the difference it makes when our sights are set on God rather than our own interests or the cares of this life. For after the sight setting comes the set-up… God’s lifting up of David’s head above that of his enemies. David says, “Then my head will be exalted…” So, you ask, “When is then?”. “Then” is after the prayers to God that the Lord’s will be done. “Then” is after setting one’s sights on seeking and abiding in the presence of God. Often “Then” comes after you have been under attack, gone through the fight, and remained faithful. The exalting or lifting of David’s head is essentially David being “set up” by the Lord after David was set upon by his enemy and overcame. And, if you have ever been through anything and prevailed, you certainly can identify with the sheer desire to shout for joy and sing praises unto the Lord.

As you and I go through whatever we must go through, Let Us remember that God is ever-present in the “set-up.” So, Let Us never forget that the Lord’s intent is to lift our heads, set us up that we would be exalted, and in our praise, that we would exalt the Lord.

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