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Lenten Devotional 2021 - Day Seventeen

SPECIAL NOTE: We embark on this devotional week focusing on Psalm 103. As always, everyone is encouraged to continue in our immersive approach to growing in God's word and

committing it to head and heart. So, Let Us read, recite, meditate on, sing, and pray the Lord’s word throughout out the week.


This time last week, I was halted by the first verse of Psalm 27. This week, I can hardly get through the second sentence of Psalm 103. Then, I was arrested by the “Is-ness” of the Lord. But now, I am compelled to talk about… boast about the “Business” of the Lord!

From the first line of this psalm, David is caught up in a praise break. Three times he calls out, “Bless the Lord… bless his holy name! Bless the Lord, O my soul….” This “blessing” of which David sings erupts into a full-on, drop to your knees, throw up your hands, lay prostrate before the Lord, no-holds-barred kind of praise. Why?! It is because David remembers the countless ways in which the Lord has blessed him. Have you ever been there? Have you ever been overwhelmed just thinking about the blessings of God in your life?! If so, you can certainly identify with David. In verses 2-5, this single sentence, David recounts the manifold blessings of God: forgiveness, healing, and redemption, the Lord’s abiding love, mercy, and renewal. It was not because he was king that David was beneficiary to all this, but because he was about the Lord’s business.

From his youth, David was committed to shepherding his father’s flock, protecting them from predators, serving wherever he was called, and stood ready to take down any foe that dared to come against the Lord. Even after the prophet Samuel anointed David, affirming his destiny as king, David remained where he was and served. He was about the Lord’s business.

Let Us bless the Lord with our whole being, for God is faithful. Let Us recommit to hearing and heeding God’s call to be about the business of the Lord.

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