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Lenten Devotional 2021 - Day Sixteen

A Full-Circle Moment

In godly confidence David began this song, and in a renewed confidence David brings this song to an end. Whatever glimpses of doubt that may have arisen, because of his enemies without or his personal struggles within, his confidence rests on the faithfulness of the Lord.

If you have been keeping with our practice of listening to, reading, and reciting the chapter for the week, by now you have internalized most if not all of Psalm 27. I invite you to take time now to review it, revisit it, or sing it if you have tried setting it to a melody. Take courage and know that as the Lord God was with and remained with David all his days, so too will the Lord your God remain with you!

As we go forward… grow forward in God, know that we will experience highs, lows, and the in-betweens of life. When we do, Let Us remember just who God has been. Let Us recite chapter and verse of God’s mercies told through scripture. Let Us recount and record our personal report of the goodness of the Lord that God poured out on us. Finally, Let Us be resilient, resting in and waiting for the Lord.

P.S. In 2000, Pastor Donnie McClurkin had occasion to set much of this psalm of David to music in his CD entitled Donnie McClurkin live in London and more. The selection is entitled “Psalm 27”. Should you have occasion to hear it, I am confident it will bless your heart as it has frequently blessed mine.

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