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Lenten Devotional 2021 - Day Thirty-Three

In reading verse 9, I am reminded of the lengths to which people go to “train” and “tame” other beings; be they animal or human. Consider animals such as horses and elephants (beautiful and majestic in their own right); people will look on their beauty and select them because of it. Then, in order to make the animals “useful” for human purposes and pleasure, people will commence to breaking them. Using whatever means deemed necessary, trainers work at dominating and destroying the animal’s spirit, and then making them wear a harness, bit, and bridle in order to maintain control over the creature. Unfortunately, as it is with the treatment of animals, so it is with the treatment of people. We have only to watch the news; view the reports of what takes place in prisons and hospitals; the arenas of education, sports, and entertainment; or most any sphere of influence to know that this is so.

Training methods involving breaking one’s spirit or the wearing of bit and bridle, whether physically or figuratively, are all too common. We know that such methods and harshness are common treatments against us among our foes. Surprisingly, however, they are also common practices applied by family, friends, and persons who care about us. When used, however, these things are done with the intent of bringing us back in line. The intent is not to be punitive, but corrective and instructive. Consider that these are learned means of instruction that have been standard practice for centuries. Further consider that people tend to teach the way they were taught.

I don’t know about you, but I am ever grateful that God’s modes and methods of instruction are higher than those of humans. God recognizes the beauty in us because it was God who created us. The Lord does not work to break our spirit, but pours out a bit of God’s own self, the Holy Spirit, and abides within. God instructs us imparting knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. God teaches us, equips us to use weapons of warfare against our ultimate foe who is Satan.

Let Us use every opportunity God affords us to sit at the Lord’s feet and learn. Let Us value each moment, use each moment we are given to study God’s word. And lastly, Let Us walk with God with our ears tuned, hearts and minds open, and our hands at the ready to do God’s will.

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