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Lenten Devotional 2021 - Day Twenty-Five

GOD morning to you on this wonderful Wednesday! I pray that you continue to take in and enjoy your rest in the Lord, for it is in the rest that we are renewed, revived, and enable to receive enlightenment, receive revelation.

In times past, when reading or listening to Psalm 19, I experienced a disconnect… a hick-up in the flow and focus of this psalm between verses six and seven. After all, how does one go from basking in the beauty of the skies… the heavens, to talk about laws, precepts, and commandments? Today, however, was different. Today I heard and experienced continuity… a continuation in the Lord’s message to me. You see, the same God that established the laws that govern the movement of the heavenly bodies… the course of the planets, moon, sun, and stars; is the same God that established humankind and the laws with which we are to govern our lives and relationships. What if we, like the heavenly bodies, would seek to hold to the course the Lord has set for our lives? Oh, what a beautiful sight that would be for the Lord to behold!

Today, as we continue basking under God’s heavens, Let Us commit to abiding in God’s word. Let Us hear and take into our hearts the word of the Lord… every law and lesson, every testimony and teaching, every precept, prescription, call, and commandment. Let Us hold to our life’s course established by the Lord, for in so doing, we are destined to experience refreshing, renewal, and the fullness of life that the Lord deeply desires for us all.

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