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Lenten Devotional 2021 - Day Twenty-One


The business of the Lord is entrenched in the business of compassion. Why? It is because God is love, and God’s love rules!

In reading today’s verses, Psalm 103:17-19, I am reminded of a pivotal moment in the life of the children of Israel. This moment is also a time that holds weight in our collective walk as children of God. In it, God shares through Moses the importance of Israel honoring the covenant which the Lord had established with them, and in keeping the commandments the Lord gave as the standard for governing their lives. The significance of these two pillars; covenant and commandments, is summed up in Deuteronomy 6:4-7. As I endeavor to commit the spirit of these truths to heart, I offer my personal paraphrase below. Prior to reading it, however, I strongly encourage you to take some time to read and meditate on these verses in your preferred Bible translation. Next, write your own paraphrase. And, lastly, read mine.

As we journey forward, Let Us remember that our God is a covenant keeper, a promise keeper whose love is forever faithful and everlasting. Therefore, Let Us be intentional about keeping the Lord’s commandments and committing God’s word to heart, as doing so is an expression of our love for God.


4 “Listen, Children of Israel: The Lord our God, is the One and only God. 5 You shall love the Lord your God with your whole being: that is with heart, soul, might, and substance. 6 Hold to these words for they are as essential as breathing… as essential as your heart’s beat. So, know them… live them… 7 teach them to your children. Speak them… embody them in all that you do, from the moment you rise in the morning until the moment you rest at day’s end.

Deut. 6:4-7 A paraphrase by Pastor Leslie K.

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