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Lenten Devotional 2021 - Day Twenty-Seven


Fault lines are fractures, breaks, or places of separation in the earth’s crust, along which large sections of the earth move, push past one another. Fault lines exist all over the earth; they lay under the earth’s soil and beneath the sands of the seabed. In fact, most fault lines are invisible, hidden from the natural eye with their presence only being revealed to us through seismic activity, seismic waves produced from earthquakes and tremors. I share this little geology lesson with you because our lives as human beings, human bodies, are reflected in the earth’s body. Like the earth viewed from the heavens, from a distance, we are beautiful, awesome to behold, fearfully and wonderfully made. Yet, when seismologists measure earth’s shakings and quaking below the surface… when our thoughts, motivations, and the stirrings in our hearts come under the Lord’s scrutiny; both are found to be flawed. Beautiful… yet broken. Fearfully and wonderfully made… yet flawed. We all have fault lines.

David is keenly aware that although we are favored by God, we are flawed. We have fault lines that are exposed through our deeds and decisions, our words, and our willfulness to do and have things our own way. Then there are those hidden fault lines… invisible failings of which we ourselves are unaware. Try as we might, we do not always see ourselves as we really are. Sometimes we operate in error, not because we are obstinate, but because we are oblivious. This is one among the many reasons why we ought to be people of prayer. Simply put, we need God’s guidance at all times; with matters great and small, because the potential for sin to derail us is ever present.

Let Us pray as David did, 13…Declare me innocent from hidden faults. [Lord God,] 14 Keep back your servant also from presumptuous sins; [and] let them [the sins born from cockiness and conceit] not have dominion over me!” AMEN!

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